WINNING HABITS: Do You Close The Bathroom Door When You're Alone In The House?

Winning is easy if you follow my directions below.

There's an old story about a newly-married woman who always cut the weekly roast in half before she cooked it.

After many months, the husband asked her why.

"Well, that's the way my mother always used to do it," she replied, puzzled.

As it turned out, because her mother's oven was too small for a full roast, she cooked it in two sections each time.

Like this example - and closing the bathroom door when it's not necessary - your lottery playing could be suffering. Without realising it, you could be using old or ingrained habits that are not useful for today's playing.

One of the biggest myths is that you need to play using the Silver Lotto System in the same way as you did before. If you took a $5 play before, then you just continue doing it with the system.

Not so.

The problem with playing small numbers though is the spread - the carefully calculated range of number combinations in the Silver Lotto System.

A small number selection is not wide enough to consistently attract a prize.

Certainly what you get will be a huge improvement over the lotto store's pick. But you really need to increase the number of tickets to get better results.

The maximum you can play with the Silver Lotto System is 120 tickets. But you don't have to play all those. Sometimes just 10 tickets will be enough to tip the winning odds your way. But 20 lines or more is better.

However, always play to your budget. There's no need to overspend. But for better results make it more than you used to.

To do this, skip several games and use the money you would have played on those in just one game. Use your LottoPredict subscription to pinpoint the best time to play.

You'll see a big difference in your win rate.