Winning The Lottery Is All About The Numbers But I Never Write About Them

Pick the right 6 numbers and you could win a small fortune!

Quick, pick any 6 numbers at random. Match them up with last week's jackpot anywhere in the world.

Sorry, you lost again.

That's why wherever you look, lottery talk is all about the numbers. There are discussions on popular numbers, hot numbers, cold numbers, secret number patterns, and so on. Everyone wants the right numbers.

That's because players are looking for the lotto Holy Grail.... the one-stop answer to all their jackpot prayers.

But if you are not fascinated by numbers this will quickly become quite boring.

Chasing the winning combination an impossible dream, because last week's numbers will be quite different to next week's selection.

That's why I rarely write about any particular number pattern. Because when you use my system, that side of the winning selection is already mapped out for you.

You just have follow it.

The real secret is how you follow it. There are no ways to sidestep the system like a winning player did in UK in the recent casino scandal.

The casino accused player Phil Ivey (right) of following marked cards and are withholding his £7.8 million win.

Eight months later and some court action, he's still waiting.

The lottery cannot be broken in the way that the casino can. So we have to work out other ways to hit the jackpot.

Thats why LottoPredict works so well. For years it has gotten the Silver Lotto System numbers closer to a wining prize than any other method I have seen.

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