When Good Decks Go Bad...A Story Of Overcoming Struggle

My deck painting had turned into a patchy disaster!

The old painter looked across the paint store and smiled knowingly. And said something wise to me.

"When you do a lot of painting, you're going to get a problem once in a while."

I was asking advice about my patio deck that I had just finished painting yesterday. Overnight a heavy dew had turned my immaculate deck with a fresh coat of paint - into a disaster.

Pools of water lay on the deck and mixed in with the new paint, making it blotchy and patchy.

It reminded me that not everything goes to plan.

If you play the lottery often enough, there will be a week when your investment just doesn't make the grade. And despite all your plans, it will rain on your freshly painted deck.

The secret is how you bounce back.

I found an old broom and started sweeping the puddles into an area where the sun would dry them out. In other areas I used my wet vacuum cleaner to suck up the paint and water.

I'm looking at it now and while it's not perfect, in a day or two of drying I'll be able to cover the patches and make it look good again.

And in a week I'll have forgotten all about the problem.

Next week's lottery game can be improved too if you choose the right tools and recover positively.

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