INSPIRATION: Random Thoughts From A Lottery Millionaire

Woke up this morning feeling great, as usual. Today will be exciting and challenging, and I like that.

While I lay in bed listening to the rain pattering on the windows, I thought back a little... reflected on what the last few years have meant.

It's been a tremendously exciting time for me. With my System I've helped thousands win where in the past they've failed miserably. It's a great feeling.

So I plumped up the pillows behind my back, grabbed my iPad Pro and wrote down a few thoughts about how money and winning has changed my life.

I hope too that when you win big, you will get the same benefits.

After all, studies show that being rid of money worries is the single-most biggest factor in having a successful career and relationships.

And look, I'm not boasting when I talk about some of the things I have achieved. In the flesh I'm a modest guy who likes to keep to himself.

But since I've dragged myself up by my bootstraps - and I can tell you candidly at times I've lived at the lowest level of existence - I'm intensely proud of what I've accomplished today. This is real:

- Money IS everything. Nobody tells you this... they just keep saying that family and friends matter more. Sure they do - no question. I'm nothing without my family. But you can do a lot more helping out with cash than being broke. One of my daughters is a solo mom, and a couple of days ago I wired her $500 on a whim, just to help with the expenses she has in bringing up 3 kids. Life is tough when you have little money in this modern world. She gets some treats for her children and I get the satisfaction of contributing to their happiness.

- You very quickly get used to having a lot of money. Back in the back old days $20 was a fortune to me. It put gas in the car and fed me for days at a time. Now I easily peel that amount off to give to street buskers who exhibit talent, and never think twice. My grocery spend is often $60 a day for the two of us, as I like fresh salmon and other delicacies. The benchmark rises quickly, and you soon get used to a new level of living.

- It's hard to shake old habits even when you have the means. I still do my own ironing, despite the fact that I can afford to have a housekeeper. I still turn off the lights in unoccupied areas of our house...the rooms that are not controlled by motion sensors. And while I have a gardener/handyman, I still do a lot of house and garden tasks myself. It's all to do with staying occupied and getting a sense of accomplishment. Money is not a substitute for decadent living. It's why celebrities still do their own grocery shopping. Apart from the fact that this is what they have been used to before achieving fame, it also keeps them grounded - an important part of living.

- I own expensive cars and watches, but not for the reasons you think. For example I bought my second Bentley because it is an engineering masterpiece, not a status symbol. And every day I drive it, I'm reminded of the difference between the old Mini with its rust and hard seats I owned when I was broke. The difference is mind-boggling and I appreciate every mile I drive today.

- Unless you're careful, you can get into debt whatever your income level. That's why many big winners go broke a few years later. I know, you think - how can these people spend $50 million in a couple of years and end up destitute! But they do. Thankfully fewer winners are getting into trouble these days due to more budgetary help from the lottery organisations and advice from experts like me. It's always important to have a cash FLOW. Capital, in the form of the jackpot you won, is easily and quickly spent. Instead, make it work for you with an interest income flow that never runs out.

- You will always worry that people like you only for your money. And when you don't pay the tab for the big restaurant family meal you'll be called a miser. Well, it's no different than in the office or business where you're liked for what you can give people. Life is reciprocal, that's the nature of it, and many of the wealthy are naturally suspicious of others who might fleece them of their riches. Just the way life is. You've got to have boundaries, or you'll be fooled by everyone.

- The biggest advantage of having money? FREEDOM! Freedom to choose what you want to do, and when. Of course, many of us like the constraints of an ordered life...we need to be told what to do. We all feel secure when our lives are taken over for us. For me, the most secure time in my life was the 10 years I spent in the armed services (not fighting, just taking photos!). The security of the rules and structure was immensely comforting. Yet even while I was under the warm blanket, I was still working on doing business later in the big wide world. I never regretted my time there, but freedom today is the best part.

- The best part of my Silver Lotto System is its simplicity. That's not the only advantage - it works when you play correctly, it's easy, and the best keep submitting the same tickets again and again until you win. When I first developed the system in 1991, it never dawned on me that this repeating part of the system would be the most appealing...never having to fill out your coupons each time. I'm all in favor of keeping life simple, and the convenience of never writing out tickets again is the best in my opinion.

- I've kept upgrading and developing my System even though I don't need to. Having a purpose that is enjoyable is one of the main factors of life after the lottery win. That's mine. If your job was on a factory line or doing mindless spreadsheet work in an office, you'd better find a good substitute because too much free time and no challenge is a recipe for disaster.

- To find your life's purpose, simply reflect back on any time in your past where you enjoyed doing something and got praised for it. I loved playing in a band, and that time was the happiest 10 years of my life. While I don't want to lug huge amplifiers and speakers around nowadays, I still play the guitar frequently and get the same buzz. It's challenging and fun, and it extends my creativity. We all need something that fulfils us after the battle for achieving financial security is gained.

- I have never lost my ambition for a better life, more friends, bigger home, luxury living. This keeps driving me, because as I've mentioned many times in this article, life without purpose is no life at all. And I'm constantly looking for ways to make life simpler, better, and more useful for others.