Reduce Your Expectations (I Shouldn't Be Writing This)

Winning IS fun, really.

I'm going to ask you to do two things today involving reducing and returning, and they are going to shock you.

Because generally nobody else makes these kind of requests of their customers.

I'm going to ask you to do this for two parts of my System.

The first is about my newsletter if you're a subscriber.

Seriously, if it is cluttering up your inbox and you're getting no value from it, unsubscribe.

You can do that in one click at the bottom of each daily issue. I don't mind. Because I only want players and readers who share my enthusiasm for winning. If that's not you, cancel now.

The second request is a reducing request.


I'm asking you to reduce your expectations a little.

Now, I'm delighted when you buy my system - specially the PRO Custom Profiles which are magic. They will give you a big winning boost and save you money in the long term.

Your purchase means that you're going to win some lottery prizes sometime when you follow my instructions.

And that's the point...

You'll win sometime.

But don't ask me when.

I never say when - because no-one knows that, even me.

It depends on:
- how often you play.
- how much of the system you use.
- how persistent you are in continuing.

The last point is the most important. Because it is persistence that gets you somewhere in winning the lottery.


Look, I win the award for persistence because I've been winning, working on and selling my system for 22 years. And in that time I have made millions.

But if I had hoped for a major jackpot in the first few weeks, I'd have nowhere the success I enjoy today. (Actually I did win $2.1 million in a few short months back then, but that's another story).

So I'm asking you to reduce your expectations of a quick win. Work smart.

Sure, some players get wins quickly.

Some don't.

If you're not getting instant wins, don't worry, relax. Take a few weeks off from playing if money is your concern.

Then get back into it and spend more than the $10 a game you've been investing. Through all of this time keep using your Silver Lotto System.

Then order a PRO Custom Profile and see your win rate soar.