TIP: How To Never Run Out Of Lottery Money Again

Even a prize like this Georgia USA Powerball $1 million will run out sometime.

It's happened. After a few weeks or months of using your Silver Lotto System, your ship came in.

You won a big prize in your lottery!

And after all the screaming stopped, your heart stopped pounding and you gained a few nights sleep again, you sat down to think about spending it.

The first thing you did was pay off all your debts. If you're like most folk, you have a lot backed up.

Your house payments came first, them the car, then your cards.

And as you looked at all the zeros in your balances, a huge wave of relief swept over you. You are now debt free and it feels real good.

For a few months.

Then the realization hits you...


You've spent all your winnings. That jackpot which started out as a massive sum, has turned into nothing.

That's right, you have nothing left. You paid your bills, spent a little, now it's all gone. So easy.

Now you have to continue at the job you left in order to keep living.

And after a short while you wonder what advantage winning that prize was to you.

In an earlier article I wrote about how I kept my mortgage as a motivator to help me wake up each morning and get to work on my business. Without a goal I would be directionless like most other people in this position.

But after a lotto win, your debt takes on a different spin. Because debt sucks all the value out of your winning position.

I'm talking about about a few million or less... not the giant $100 million prizes.

Even with amounts of a million or so, you'll be surprised how quickly that money can get eaten up just paying back loans and buying a few luxuries.

That's why most winners are broke in just a few years.


Except you. Armed now with the knowledge that this will happen, you are going to take a different path.

Here's how it works.

In the finance world, a lump investment sum is called Capital. We're talking about your jackpot amount here.

You really need to use that as a money machine. Think the golden goose.

So instead of spending your win, you invest it.

Now, the details on doing this are for a future article. For the moment it's not important where you put it.

Just make sure wherever you invest it has some kind of government guarantee and you'll be fine. Your new accountant will advise you.

But the important thing - whether your win is just $100,000 or $1 million, is that you keep the bulk of it to invest.

And when that happens, you will get a steady stream of interest income that NEVER runs out. Then you use this to pay down your debts.

So a year or two - maybe less depending on how much you win - you will be debt free. It's not as quick as paying it straight off with your win.

But the interest money will still keep rolling in for the rest of your life. As long as you protect the capital, you're set for good.

And better than that, you still have an incentive to enjoy life. Because spending huge lump sums is exciting at first. But when those sums run out, you have to return to drudgery and work.

This way you can enjoy life without worry for as long as you want. That's a real win in the best sense of the word!



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