LIFE LESSON: How My 50 Year-Old Mom Blitzed The Competition

Successfully selling real estate is a tough business, but my mom (not her above) did it well enough to win a coveted sales trophy.

My mother was once one of our country's top real estate sales people a few decades ago. In one year she managed to outsmart and outsell every other salesperson in her firm in a city of over 2 million population.

She had a magic touch that attracted sales without any effort.

Me - on the other hand - also tried to sell real estate many years ago. I failed miserably. In the 6 months I struggled before the firm gently eased me out, I didn't even manage to sell even a single home, even in a good market.

And worse, I was once laughed at by ALL the salesmen at the company's sales course for putting forward an option that went against all good selling sense. I didn't really know what I was doing back then.

And selling real estate was just another failure in the many ventures I have tried over the years.

I simply didn't have the skills. And that's true for most people who start businesses.


Like my mother, you need the special X factor and more to make a business work successfully.

So most people fail. Nowadays I simply don't recommend anyone start their own business unless they buy a franchise... this is a proven business that works.

There are a few exceptions to the franchise concept.

The one I always recommend is an internet business selling other people's products. The cost of entry can be zero, and all it takes is just some effort on your part.

But you know, there's an easier way. You can bypass all this fuss and bother if you're prepared to wait a while.

All you have to do is fill in a few coupons, pay the cost of a couple of cups of coffee a week, and your payoff could be many millions of dollars.

I'm talking about the most obvious way of getting a fortune left to anyone, no skill required... winning the lottery.

Sure it's a gamble of sorts. But much less worry and effort than putting your heart and soul - and wasted cash - into businesses that don't take off. Or worse, leaves you bankrupt, as often happens.

You can play lotto in a few minutes while you're doing the grocery shopping. And you can keep the security of your job until the Big Payday.

No years of study. No hugely competitive skills needed - like the ones I should have used in my failed real estate selling.

And no expensive failures because you are only spending a few dollars each time as you can afford it. 

Whenever you get discouraged and want to improve your life, remember the easy method that requires no skill except using my system using $10-$20 worth of tickets. It will go a long way!