WINNING: Looking Out For No.1 - The Ultimate Success Story

Author Robert Ringer with his world-changing book - ideal today for lottery winners.

It was in a small, cluttered bookshop in San Francisco, away from the noise of the buskers and traffic, that I found a book that changed my life.

And 30-something years later the principles of the paperback I bought, "Looking Out For No. 1" still ring true.

You see, when you win the lottery, it changes your life in ways you don't expect.

We're all human, and we want to be liked. So we give away some of our winnings to family - because nobody's family is well-off, that's a fact.

But the problem is - as we give away our future, our influence grows less and less. And our luxury lotto life gets a bit harder each week as we spend the jackpot.

Until we end up broke like many winners.

Someone I know has done this in another way. She has gradually given away a small fortune from her recent inheritance, and is now faced with a dwindling capital.


Unless you can top up your money as I've suggested here, you're going to run out faster than you expect.

I've given away money freely to people who have money problems. And you know what?

It has helped them temporarily.

Then... 6 months later... they need a handout again. Oh no!!

Maybe the car broke down. Or the power bill was a surprise. Or expected funds didn't arrive.

So the needs are always there, and you can easily lose everything by helping everyone else climb out of their prickle bushes.

But the answer is easy.

The "No. #1" book by American popular writer Robert Ringer says you have to look after yourself first.

Only then can you help others.


I think of it as throwing a stone into a pond and watching the ripples spread outwards.

You are the stone (hopefully not sinking too far!) and your circle of influence reaches out from you.

But you have to sort your own life out first before you can help others.

I'm talking cashflow here.

Make sure your winnings are getting invested first and bringing in a constant stream of income that never ends.

Then you can make a lasting difference in other people's lives. Forever.

The aim of my Silver Lotto System is to get your to that point fast, where you can dole out as much cash as you like and help your family and friends.

The fastest way I know is the PRO Custom Profiles because they allow you to play with confidence in every game.

With just the Silver Lotto System on its own, you get great results. But when the strange number patterns come up (cue weird music) and you're still playing, that's a waste.

Instead, use the $6.60/mth LottoPredict subscription and the power of your PRO Custom Profiles to maximize your wins.

Then start looking for people to help out with your wins.