CAUTION: Could Winning The Lottery Be An Unexpected Adventure?

When you win a big lottery prize, your life changes beyond measure. Suddenly a whole new world opens up to you.

And then the potential for trouble starts.

A recent $26.5 million Lottery winner in our country started spending his money on speedway racing, buying and driving sprint and midget cars.

Like many drivers before him, he'll have an accident one day. And it might cost him his life, or maybe an extended hospital stay and problems with parts of his body for the rest of his days.

It's not only the lottery where you'll have problems either.

Remember Steve Fossett, the record-breaking American aviation adventurer who lost his life when he crashed in the California ranges 6 years ago?

Or the president of Turkmenistan who fell while horse racing a week back? (Photo)

One of the problems with doing whatever you want is having all the barriers removed. And without caution, it becomes dangerous.

Why can't I race a motorbike if I want, you ask yourself. What's wrong with speeding in my new sports boat?

Here's why you should reconsider...

Want to know the trait that the longest living people have? It's conscientiousness.

That means they reduce risk where they can, and take care in looking after their own future. And it means not doing anything that could intentionally cause them harm.

OK, you say, but what sort of a life is that?

Exactly. You have to choose between an exciting life with the possibility of it ending very soon. Or a stable life where you know you can control your destiny.

I'm cautious. And whenever anyone says to me: "You could always get knocked over by a bus!"

I reply like this - no I won't, because I look left, then right, then left again (reverse this in countries which drive on the other side of the road).

In other words, I protect my future with sensible options.

I've led a life full of adventure... been to the South Pole, had several near crashes in aircraft, rode a motorbike across Australia, piloted helicopters and gliders, scuba dived, climbed mountains, flown a hang glider.

And I've been lucky. Nothing has happened to me.

Nowadays I recognise that I'm not the same person as back then, and make adjustments.

I've reduced risk and increased my life enjoyment. Who needs to live on the edge all the time? Not me.

And maybe not you either. Think about it as you decide what adventure you want to take with your winnings.


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