How My Line Drawing Experience Made Me More Effective In Lottery

I spent hours drawing this technical illustration many years ago. The experience helped me develop the Silver Lotto System.

As I was clearing out some photos in my ongoing Massive Decluttering project this morning, I came across this line drawing of a camera I had done over 4 decades ago.

Some 40 years ago I became intensely interested in technical illustration. Even though there was no career path for this skill anywhere in my country, I pursued it with enthusiasm.

I was completely self-taught. This camera illustration was one of many I completed.

And although I didn't realize it at the time, this changed my thinking completely on the lottery.

I can remember the process well. I had dozens of specially shaped plastic templates for the curves, special Staedler ink pens, dozens of sheets of transfer dots patterns, and a fully set up drawing board with perspective aids.

I spent several years part time developing my skills, learning from the experts who did the Popular Mechanics magazine drawings back then. These were artists I admired, at the top of their craft.

And my effort was a fun experience, even though it ended up going nowhere.

This illustration I think took me about 40 hours in total. And this was after a couple of year's practice.

Nowadays of course, you can get software that can do something close to this in an instant.

Since then, I have always looked for quicker and better ways to get results. Which is why I go on about the one-shot fix with my Silver Lotto System so much.

Because once you fill out the lottery coupons with my system, you need never do it again.

The few other systems around require you to keep changing tickets each time. They really have no idea how a successful lottery system works!

As well as being the most effective system around (in my view and by the words of many, many winners), the Silver Lotto System and PRO (where it's done for you) also takes the least amount of setup.

Got a choice between doing something quick and a one-off... or doing it again and again painstakingly every week?

After all those years and hundreds of hours drawing, I know which one I'd choose!


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