PLAYING SMART: Numbers Shock Turns Into Another Kind Of Surprise

When your win turns out to be less than you expected, here's what to do...

I yelped in disbelief. Even for a hardened numbers man like myself, this was almost too impossible to believe.

For months I had been raking in the winnings from a nicely presented selection of numbers.

They were all a perfect example of how my Silver Lotto System matched the real world.

Then came this batch. Two numbers close together, then 4 numbers close as well. It was almost a 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 kind of scenario that happens once a lifetime - if ever.

There's nothing you can do when this happens.

But then came a curious thing. When I went along to my store and checked the tickets anyway, I got a real shock.

Two tickets had some of those numbers, and I walked away with $240 in my pocket.

Not much, but better than giving up when I saw those bad combos.

This is the ongoing secret to my system: NEVER give up.

And never second-guess the outcome on a bad day. Like my surprise prizes, you'll often be surprised too most times.

And the ticket win secret? I was using #4 of my PRO Custom Profiles.

That part of the system is simply the best investment you'll ever make!