Why This Lotto Membership Is Better Than The Weather Forecast

I painted a couple of fences round my home yesterday. It was a fine warm day, and the couple of hours with a paintbrush was enjoyable.

As I look out the window this morning, it is pouring down with rain. I was lucky to finish the fences when I did.

Or was I?

Fact is, I checked out the weather forecast first. Now, I have two ways of doing this.

The first - and most convenient - is the Yahoo weather service on my iPhone.

The other way is our country’s weather service which I get on my iPad or computer.

But the problem is that they never agree. And worse, both can be wrong at the same time as the weather.

When you make predictions, you are using sophisticated methods to get a future answer, but it can always be unpredictable at times.

In the lottery, the LottoPredict chart can be accurate 98% of the time. But that last 2% can make a change to the final result.

However, the results are far more accurate than any weather forecast because LottoPredict is based on hitting the target once or twice a week. That simple fact of improving the accuracy because there are fewer options is the secret.

Take a look: LottoPredict

And according to the forecast today I have to wait until Saturday before I can venture out to paint an exterior wall. Or will I?


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