Why Winning The Lottery Is Like Making A Film

My daylight spy shot from our lounge's telescope with my iPhone at the Peter Jackson Hobbit film set across the harbor. Maybe I need an iPhone 7.

Our visitors peered out from our large glass panoramic windows in the lounge, to the hills across the harbor.

"What are those bright lights," said the husband, "Looks like a village in the bush."

As I joined them, I could see the cluster of lights that were brighter than even the city's waterfront.

I was able to tell them it was Peter Jackson filming the Hobbit. The film set with its dozens of workers looks just like a small village at night.

Except for the massive crane that dominates the set. So high it has a red flashing aircraft warning light on top.

Filming this Hobbit movie in 2013 takes a while. Preparation takes years before that.

And when the film is launched, it glitters briefly like a bright star.

And that timeframe is true of anything that succeeds. My Silver Lotto System took 2 years.


With my System, you don't have to wait... the start-up part is quick. It takes just 30 minutes filling in your tickets from the Silver Lotto System and you're ready.

Like writing a film script, I can turn a bunch of numbers into a fighting chance for you. Even getting you close to the Big Win.

After that it's up to the laws of chance.

But many people have won enough to make those laws quite common.

And the payoff is huge. Like the film gala night on the red carpet, a lottery win is worth the wait!