ACTION: How Simple Goal And Emotion Statements Help You Win The Lottery

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This is how you get a on.

I'm going to tell you the singlemost important action I do every day that makes me successful.

It's something that many high achievers do - including a past president of Mitsubishi Motors in Japan.

It has been a tremendous success for him, and it works for winning the lottery too. I'll explain the connection in a minute.

Here's what you do...

You simply write down each day what you want. Then you describe it in an experience.

I call them Goal and Emotion statements.

Those two steps will make an enormous difference in your life.

You start by writing down each day what you want out of life.


Winning the lottery will be your first statement, but you need to list all the things you want also. You could have a list of 5 Goals, or it could be more than 20.

And you need to write them in this way:

"I have a new Ferrari (or Tesla if you're energy conscious) sitting in my driveway."

That's a prime Goal statement. It sets the scene and provides a boundary for the second step.

Then you follow up with a secondary Emotion statement that describes how you feel about your Goal.

Here's an example of an Emotion statement:

"I get a lot of enjoyment showing my Ferrari off to my friends. It makes me feel good to drive with the top down..."

As you write more detail, these two statements together will form a powerful force inside your subconscious mind. These written forces influence your will, and create a direction that your brain will follow.


Here's the rule for writing these statements...

You must rewrite them daily. They will be slightly different each day, because with each rewrite you will find a different way of describing your goals.

That's OK. What you are doing is reshaping your mind in a powerful way.

By keeping your Goals in constant sight, and adding the Emotion statements, you're making the goal of winning the lottery real and attainable.

I've bought all my cars this way, even when they seemed a distant and unreachable target. And I win lottery prizes constantly and easily because playing and winning are always in my mind.

I've often been shocked at how easy and quickly my Goals were completed.

Try it this week and see for yourself.