My Wife And I Had A Race... Guess Who Won?

I drive quite fast. Never break the law, but when I go from one speed zone to another I like to use some rapid acceleration.

And it helps that both my sports cars are rapid transit vea-hickles.

(That means they go like smoke in a hurricane!)

Yesterday my wife and I were out and about in different cars. She in her Lexus RX - an SUV crossover style - and me in one of mine.

We left the same place about 20 minutes away at the same time.

While she's not a fast driver, she's no slug.

To get her off my tail, I did some weaving among the traffic, always safely.

And in a couple of minutes she had disappeared from sight. I settled back, confident of my impending win.



Twenty minutes later I turned into our driveway and sat for a few seconds collecting my sunglasses and keys, when...

Behind me came my wife!

All that clever driving had gained me exactly 45 seconds advance!

Over dinner I pondered how one person could drive one of the world's fastest cars, and the other not-so, and still get to the same place at about the same time.

All of a sudden a light went on above my head.

I related my experience to winning the lottery (as I tend to do!), and how it's hard to win unless you speed up your rate of play.



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And how did my wife get so close to the finish line? Traffic light waits - the great equalizer!


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