SURPRISE! The One Number NEVER To Use In The Lottery

Renae Smith won $100,000 in the Georgia Lottery on her 48th birthday.

Correct numbers according to my System are such an important part of winning the lottery.

Yet many players still use horoscopes, lucky number guides, hot and cold number patterns.

And believe this - they are doing this while using the Silver Lotto System!

That's correct. They put in their own numbers to make up the 'perfect play.' They think.

And the most popular number they use?

Their birthday.

There's other numbers that some players prefer, but a birthday date seems to be the most popular.


My birthday is coming up in a short while, so that fact caught my attention. But you won't see me putting my date into the system just to tip the odds.

Because the odds work in different ways.

Let's say you've been playing awhile and not getting the results you want. My advice - don't alter the numbers and stick your birthdate in.

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