Are You A Creature Of Habit When It Comes To Playing The Lottery?


"Meow!" That was our cat wanting to be let out. So I walked over to the lounge sliding door, unlocked it, and she stepped cautiously out into the cold winter air.

Ten minutes later I saw her sitting outside, waiting to be let in. That's the photo above.

So I did.

Now, cats are not stupid. They know how to manipulate their owners to get exactly what they want.

But who was the stupid one here. Her - or me having to let her in each time?

And why does she wait at the window and not the door?

Well, the window in the photo once had a cat door which I had removed a few months ago because it wasn't weathertight.

But since I had it replaced with the double glazed glass window again, she still tries to get in at that point.


Years of habit had taught her where to enter.

If you're new to the Silver Lotto System, you might be like our cat.

For years you might have played a $5 ticket each week. Now you've bought the System, and out of habit you are playing the same amount, hoping for better results.

Well, you may improve your winning odds a little. But I always recommend a full ticket at the minimum. Since most tickets contain 5 or 6 boxes at $2 each, that's $10-$12 each time.

And that's the minimum. To get anywhere you're going to have to spend two or three times that amount. It's a simple numbers process... more you play, the more you get paid.

So if it's been your habit to play small amounts each game, why not change your thinking and move it up a notch.

Spend more on tickets.

It'll certainly pay off! 

And don't worry about our pet being left out in the cold. We always see her and let her in.

Ken, I couldn't believe what a difference getting a little bit of money has done for our family. I won $100,000, left my job as apartment doorman and started a home-based business. We were always arguing about money, the cost of gas and my one-hour commute to the city each day. It was h*ll. The best thing that ever happened to me was getting that jackpot. Jim Treckil