Gone Fishing - For The Lotto Jackpot!

I eat a lot of fish, but I've never really thought about catching them.

You get wet, stay cold from the wet sea air, maybe jab your fingers with a hook, sit on uncomfortable wharves for hours at a time.

Not for me.

You rarely see a happy fisherman... they are always waiting, waiting for the little tug that means dinner.

In a way, winning the lottery is a lot like catching a fish. There's always some preparation before you can fish, and a lot of waiting.

And tips... lottery players as well as fishermen thrive on tips to get a better catch. Information like like location and tides and bait can speed the final catch.

But the most important tip is one that I picked up from my grandfather many years ago.

A keen fisherman, he would supply us with trout from a lake on our vacations.

I can still remember the mouthwatering taste of freshwater trout cooked in a frypan outside our caravan.


He was a practical man, not a philosopher. But he gave some very important wisdom to me that applies today in many areas of life.

And one of them was this: To catch a big fish you need big bait.

Think about it.

If you use the minimum number of tickets from my system, you might catch a tiny snapper.

But with a large hook and bait, you're going to reel in that giant swordfish... the Big Prize, more easily.

You've got to increase the size of your bait - the number of tickets you use - to hook the largest prize.

Even though I have managed to reduce the number of tickets you use to get the best chance of winning, there's no escaping the fact that more tickets means more wins.


If you remember reading on my Silver Lotto website, and here - I show an amazing 22 winning tickets I got from one game. The amounts were small, from $30 to $70 each. But each one could have been the jackpot.

It's that potential in every game that makes my system so effective.

I can get you down to the jetty, put a sophisticated rod in your hand, give you the bait.

But the final step is how many times you cast into the water, and how many days you spend fishing.

Like me, you could catch many prizes in one go. And like Joan here, it could be very quick: