How A 40 Year-Old Expert Warmed Us Up - And Saved Us Money

Are my lottery numbers here I wonder?

The chirpy gas heating guy took me aside in our lounge.

"Notice any difference?" he asked. He had been doing an annual check on our big central heating unit which sits in the basement.

I listened. "The heating sounds a bit louder I suppose," I replied.

He grinned. "It's because I turned the fan up, " he explained.

"Most people think turning the fan down saves them gas, but it doesn't. You can have a warmer house for the same cost just by turning up the fan speed."

He moved it from 4 all the way up to 8.

And it did get warmer faster, and we felt better for it. But I wouldn't have known if an expert hadn't told me.

So for the past 4 years we've been sitting in a colder house than we could have got... all because we didn't understand the numbers.

Now, I'm about to offer a new and free service for Silver Lotto numbers that uses advice from a recognised expert too.


Like the heating, you could be using your lottery numbers wrongly without knowing about it.

So my service will analyse your numbers and game, and tell you how to improve both.

Of course, if you have the PRO Custom Profiles you don't have much to worry about.

They're all set out for you, ready and checked. Any errors have been removed before you get them.

But even so, I will still be able to recommend how to get better results.

The service be a few days away - maybe a bit longer while I do the final checks.

I'll let you know, so stay subscribed and reading.

In the meantime, get your own PRO Custom Profiles to boost your lottery wins - you can't go wrong with an expert's choice.