What's All The Fuss About My New Website?

The giant tv was silent, its screen frozen in a kalideiscope pause of color.

Outside the rain came down in rivers of water, flowing over the floor to ceiling windows, blurring the city lights.

Inside in the warm and dry in two sleek armchairs, the couple sat in the darkened room... their faces lit by the iPads they were holding.

It was quiet as they concentrated, flicking images with their fingers and studying the crisp, colorful graphics on the shiny screens.

Then suddenly the man jumped up, shouting "Eureka, that's the answer I've been looking for!"

That man was me.

I had finally figured out how to expand my lottery empire to help the vast numbers of people who were doing exactly as we were.


And the answer was mobile.

The world has gone mobile. People all over the world are reading their iPads, tablets and laptops just like us.

And I knew that was the solution.

This morning I read that PC sales were 11% down this quarter. People are fleeing from desktop computers in their droves.

It confirmed my decision all those months ago was right - the desktop is headed for extinction in the home... replaced by the iPad, mobile phone and laptop.

But many of these mobile gadgets don't read PDF files that well. Or they're slow.

So I had to find a different answer to the PDF file.

My whole life for that last 15 years has been built around PDFs because they made my ebook look good.

But now the net has caught up, and now everything looks pretty on a webpage.

No more PDF!


And so the last 6 months has been a gigantic test to find the best way to get my manual and products to the world without those PDF barriers.

I wanted it to be simple, easy. Nothing that would get lost or be hard to understand.

I like Apple products because they are elegantly simple (most times they are, let's forget about iTunes for the moment!).

And as you know, this week I did it. I released a membership site that makes everything easy to view and find, instead of an awkward ebook.

I developed a terrific looking site that is the same price as the ebook, where you get lifetime access, and is updated instantly, for free so you're always on the ball.

And best of all, it can be seen by anyone with a PC or Mac, iPad or tablet, laptop or net-linked media center.

(If you've already bought the Silver Lotto System ebook, you might consider getting this new membership as well. And keep reading because I've got a special offer for you).

Because not only do you get an ongoing, updated version of your manual that's fresh, but you get a couple of important services too.

NumberCheck is one of those. I will look at your lottery play strategy and the numbers you're using, and recommend ways to improve it.

And full Support is another.

But do you know what - I have only had a couple of Support questions in the week so far. And that's because everything is so easy to find and understand. Everyone understands it. So there's a bonus already.


And the special offer?

If you've got this far to the bottom and own a Silver Lotto manual, I'm going to reward you with a complimentary lifetime membership. Just send me an email with your ClickBank receipt and I'll make the transfer.

But be aware that with tens of thousands of ebook owners this could take a while, and there's only me doing it. I might have to say no if there are too many.

You have till Sunday to do it. That's Sunday 14th July 2013 in our country... Sunday might be a different date for you.

But that's the cutoff point, Sunday at midnight.

And if you aren't already a member, what are you waiting for! 

See you on the inside!


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