Walking Or Sailing Your Way To Winning The Lottery

I won these 9 winning tickets worth $1400 when the the America's Cup was on.

"I certainly admire your persistence," said my wife. "You've been walking for years and you've always just kept going every day."

I was about to head off down the road to the nearest lotto shop about 25 minute's walk away.

And as she said, I've been doing this for many years.

Walking is the best exercise you can have, since it's gentle on the joints and doesn't cause any medical stress.

But what my wife was really saying was this: Anything worth doing, is worth doing for a long time.

And as I walked along, I thought about the America's Cup that was on in San Francisco in 2013.

Everyone in that race, from Oracle boss Larry Ellison down to the humblest rigger, had been doing their job for most of their lives.


Not one of them has worked hard for just a single month and achieved success. They strove for years.

It's the same with the lottery.

If you're lucky, you could get a big win in double quick time like Joan's testimonial tells below. Or it could be a number of smaller wins right away.

But it is important not to ignore the small wins. Because every single one of them has the chance to BE the jackpot.

Every win is the real success. The difference between winning a $10 prize and the Jackpot is so small, that EVERY prize is a celebration! Each prize has that potential.

And while I didn't bring home a big prize today, I got 9 winning tickets.

One of those could have easily been the main prize, or like Joan's quick success: