The Lottery Lessons From Today's Earthquake

Shock win at Rocky Hill lottery HQ when Greg and Glenda Hilt won $3.8 million in the Connecticut Lottery Classic Lotto, but no earthquake. Photo.

I sat down to start the week's predictions for LottoPredict just now, when it happened.

The dull rumble was unmistakable. My three computer screens started dancing on my desk and the venetian blinds were rattling.

For a full 20 seconds the room shook and the floor jiggled against my feet. I stood and made sure the screen on top of my Mac tower stayed there.

Then I walked quickly up to my wife on the top floor.

She was in the pantry. We had agreed that it was the best place in an earthquake, away from the wall to wall glass windows on three sides of our lounge.

In the city just 7 minutes away cracks appeared in the road. A container fell into the harbor.

Glass windows were shattered and fell into the street.

It was a 6.5 quake, quite high on the scale.

I walked down the road to see if there was any damage and met my neighbor coming out of her front door.

Her house was a long architecturally designed shoebox style with floor to ceiling windows like us.

But there was a difference. Her house was built on special rollers, on concrete piles set deep into the ground. This absorbed the shocks and allow the house almost to float above any disturbance.

Our place was not built like that, yet we had no problems.

A lot of it was my attitude to prevention, and I immediately thought of it like winning the lottery.

My plan was to lock down everything that moved.

All our pantry foods were stored in plastic trays. My 65" television was secured to the wall with special earthquake proof fittings, and we had a kit with all the essentials in our pantry should the power go out.

I thought of it as the LottoPredict stage. It was the next step to getting top results from the lottery game after using the System.

But my neighbor's house was the equivalent to my PRO custom profiles. It was purpose built solution at a higher level. This secure and sophisticated building was top of the line.

At each of the two levels you got better results.

Our 'LottoPredict' home suffered no damage, but my neighbor's 'PRO' home would have been the better off in a major quake.

Thankfully our city suffered no major damage and no major injuries reported. I was able to return to my desk and finish off my LottoPredict results which are now on your screen.

Are you prepared?

Do you have a LottoPredict subscription and PRO Custom Profiles to get the most out of your next lottery game?