Here's The Magic Word That Forces You To Win Lotto Prizes Faster

The Hill family won $136.5 million in the Missouri Powerball.

If you knew you that you could win the lotto jackpot like the Hill family above at the end of the next 100 games - how fast would you power through that number of games?

I'm sure you would be playing like a maniac night and day until the magic figure was reached.

Of course no-one can predict winning with such certainty, not even me. There's some luck involved.

But the interesting fact about luck is that it can be accelerated.

You already know you can get up to 98% winning odds from my System... here is how to conquer the last 2%. This little story explains how to do it:

Many years ago I was the proud owner of my own community newspaper, circulation 20,000. I founded it. And then did everything in it... designed it, wrote news stories, took the photos, drew a weekly cartoon, did the full layout each week.

And sold advertising.

I was very good at it all. The paper quickly thrived and I took on staff.

Because I discovered a secret that allowed me to PREDICT when I would reach a certain level of advertising. I had figured out how many ads I could get each week simply by watching a certain number.

It was this leverage secret that I reveal to you now, and I'll tell you how it applies to winning a lottery prize...

SECRET #1. For every 10 shops I visited, I would get 3 ads. Consistently. Sometimes I had to visit 50 businesses to make the ratio, but it always came in on target.

SECRET #2. For every 20 stores I saw, I would get a full page ad. Consistently. That was big money in those days too, around $400.

Some weeks I was able to double my quota by going to other regions or visiting more stores. And guess what? My sales income doubled also. In other words, the more I did, the luckier I got.

It applies you and lotto also.

I don't know when you will win your lottery game. No-one does. But you CAN step on the fast pedal and speed the whole process up considerably.

Here's some tips:

  • Instead of buying 5 tickets a time, buy 50 in the same game.

  • Playing one game only? Try 2 or more games in the same timeframe.

  • Spread your chances around... try other kinds of games you would normally not play because the odds were too high or the prize was too low.

  • Experiment a little. Join a syndicate like my Winner's Circle to hugely improve your chances.

  • Use the best fast-track system I offer - the LottoPredict/Lotto-80 subscription. It eliminates a lot of the legwork.

You can win more frequently as I did by covering more ground - playing more games.

The Magic Word is frequency. The more you play, the more you win!

And there's a way you can make sure every game will get you the best result, and that's the PRO Custom Profiles. Use it to make your Silver Lotto System work for you to increase the win rate of EVERY game!

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I've won: $400.00, $300.00, $75.00, $50.00, $10.00, $5.00, $3.00 not just once but many times... I won every week for four months on Powerball. It was a great feeling...YOUR SYSTEM WORKS.

Thank you.

Michael A. (ardo*****