How Your Handwriting Can Help You Win The Lottery

Some years ago I studied graphology - the science of how a person's personality shows through their handwriting. It was amazingly accurate.

My wife, who was a counsellor, showed me part of a letter written by a convicted felon without giving me any background. Immediately I could tell this disturbed person would be a danger to those around him.

I also learned a lot about myself. My strong, directional slant showed I was a positive, upbeat person.

But one of the most interesting traits was not in the type of writing I did, but the pressure of my writing hand. It was so strong that the imprint came through the other side of the paper.

And this meant - in an obvious way - that I was a determined individual.

That part is true enough. And I believe it is part of the success in my lottery winning because I had the persistence to carry on and win through, which is essential for many of life's activities.

Now here's an interesting twist. You can actually change your personality by changing your writing style.

It has been proven by studies that if you are unsure or lack determination, you can change this by simply pressing harder as you write.

In 21 days or so of regularly repeating this daily, you will discover that you have indeed increased your willpower and persistence.

Winning involves a certain amount of patience and persistence. Once you realize this, your win rate will increase.

It's a matter of making the numbers work for you and simply continuing playing until you win.


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