The Two Add-Ons That Will Ramp Up Your Game!

"I'm confused," started the email.

"You say the Silver Lotto System is all I need, but then you offer a prediction service and some PRO custom numbers. What do I really need? (signed) Andy."

OK, Andy, it's easy to explain. It's all about speed.

First of all, the Silver Lotto System - that $39 wonder product :) - is all you need to get up to a 98% win rate.

That means if you use it following my instructions, you'll get a win in 9 out of every 10 games.

Problem is, not all games will match the Silver Lotto System numbers perfectly when you want it.


It might look like this:

Week 1: 1 winning ticket matched
Week 2: 5 winning tickets matched
Week 3: 2 winning tickets matched
Week 4: 0 winning ticket matched

Look at week 1 and week 4. Those are weeks when you shouldn't be playing because the win rate is low, or zero.

So in the perfect world you should avoid weeks 1 and 4.

The answer? LottoPredict tells you when the best time to play is likely to be. It predicts the probable win times for the Silver Lotto System.

In this case above that might be week 2.

And it would recommend you don't play weeks 1 and 4.

The other advantage with LottoPredict is you save money by not playing the poor weeks. That gives you more money to play the good weeks.

Andy was also talking about the PRO Custom Profiles.

When you get poor weeks like 1 or 4, you can use the PRO numbers to change your luck. It will improve your results by giving you another set of numbers that are a better fit.

So you can use the basic Silver Lotto System on its own, and it will do everything you want.

Or you can add on LottoPredict and PRO Custom Profiles and ramp up the speed at which you can win.

It's a win-win!


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