Why The Bus Driver Gave Me A Strange Signal

I took this photo of my parked Bentley on the bay drive today.

The Bentley rounded the corner of the coastal road into our city with a gentle burble from the 12 cylinder engine.

Today I was taking a break from work, in the middle of the afternoon.

And the best way I knew how to relax from a few hours at the keyboard finishing LottoPredict, was a trip in my sleek sports car.

The day was sunny, the exotic car gleamed. Inside I was reveling in the sumptuous leather and stunning luxurious interior design that this English carmaker does so well.

And in the manner of all good car advertisements, I had the curving seaside road to myself.

The only other vehicle on this deserted road was a yellow city bus approaching.

Then I noticed something strange as it came closer towards me.


The driver had put his hand out the window.

And as we got closer, I saw he was giving me a thumbs up!

That made my day. Not only was I lucky - indeed, privileged - enough to own one of the top cars in the world, but someone else thought so too.

But the best part of the day was the fact I could take any time off to do what I liked.

Try telling your boss that you want to take an hour off to bask on the beach and see where that gets you.

I cannot stress enough how much better your life becomes when you have the freedom to do what you want, when you want.

And for most people, including myself, that's really only happens when you win the lottery.


Today, as I completed the research I do each week for LottoPredict, I was grateful for the opportunity to be able to change my scenery.

It was a motivational experience... having the freedom to select my own lifestyle.

And I can't imagine anything better than helping you achieve the same.

It's the reason I willingly spend time to improve and promote my system so that I can help others to get the same success.

There's more than enough lottery prizes out there for millions of players to live a comfortable life.

And since I can't win them all, I want to help you do it.

Today I want you to visualize the best time of your life, and then realize that you can have this every day if you choose.

Motivation is essential.

Winning big takes time.

But with the right attitude you can be one of the few who continue on after small wins, knowing that a big win lies just around the corner.

I can help you. LottoPredict and PRO custom profiles increase your chances of winning faster and saving you money.

If you have the dream and the right tools, you can do it!


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