QUESTION: Are You Rich Enough To Give Stuff Away?

A group of Albulquerque firefighters won a prize in the New Mexico Mega Millions back in 2012, and generously donated $10,000 to a friend in need. Photo

As I heaved the child's stroller on to the verandah of the large house, it was with a great deal of satisfaction.

This was the third trip I had made from the circular driveway to the front door from my Lexus SUV.

Each time I deposited another armful of household items and hoped no-one was watching.

The owners, who were official collectors for the service - were out. I wanted the items to still be burglar-free when they got back.

It all started back when I rang the donation service looking to donate some household items during our big cleanup.

"Certainly, you can donate those items," said the pleasant lady on the other end of the phone.

And she added, "And thank you so much for your thought."


And so a few hours later I had given a boatload of items we never used any longer. All of them were almost new or looked it. We don't give away junk!

There were kettles, a pram we had bought for one of our daughters to use when she visited, sheets we had replaced with fine Egyptian cotton ones, child's toys and much more.

I could have realized hundreds or thousands of dollars by selling these on the local sales website, but I chose to give them away.

And I've done this many times. A fridge, and oven, a treadmill... all in excellent condition, all gone to homes that needed them as we upgraded our own house.

And the feeling we got was very fulfilling.

To give, you need first to get.

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