REVEALED: One Of The World's Top Marketers Is A Deranged Lunatic

Long, long ago, dear reader, I included the name of an internet marketer I respected in a forum post.

Then suddenly, out of the blue a couple of days later he sent me the most extraordinary email I've ever read.

Addressed to me personally and written by this guy, he told me a tale so incredible it could have been straight out of a novel.

He talked about people who had deceived him, and discussed being dragged out of his home in the middle of the night at gunpoint by the CIA.

For over two email pages he ranted. He raved.

He talked about conspiracy theories, about identity theft.

From what he wrote and his history, I knew it was actually him writing - and not an impersonator. And I got the impression he didn't like his name being used by anyone he didn't know.

"Simmer down (name deleted)," I replied in a private email. "Someone has given you a bunch of wrong information."

I explained more about why I mentioned his name in a positive light.

He never replied, but I was left wondering at how people can get things so wrong.

When I launched my System all those years ago, I was confident that my offer was completely transparent.

Like all my business dealings, I've always been straight and upfront about lottery risks and rewards since 1991. I think I'm the only one who does this.

So I took pains to make sure that everyone realized the LottoPredict and PRO were just optionsl add-ons.

All they did was speed up the rate of wins allowing you to win more often. But they weren't essential.

They had no effect on the 98% win rate. Just the speed at which you won.


But it wasn't clear enough to a couple of people who thought I was misleading them. So I explained it to them in more detail, and rewrote my web pages.

And now I hope it's clear.

These extra options are simply good for you, but not essential. The Silver Lotto System has everything you need.

But if you want REALLY get going, it's like comparing a tank to a Ferrari. Both will get you there... just that one is faster than the other.

LottoPredict and PRO are well worth having to ramp up your win times.

Clear enough? Good, now start winning!

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