Flash That Diamond! A Lottery Player's Guide

I looked closer at the woman's finger.

"Excuse me," I said, "but what's that tape around your finger for?"

Because underneath the clear tape was a large diamond. And she was wearing it like a ring.

Except there was no circle of gold holding the diamond to her finger.

Just tape.

"Oh, I haven't got round to getting a ring for it yet," she said.

It looked real strange.


Now, if this was a true story, it would be like buying the Silver Lotto System - just getting the diamond by itself. And most people don't really need anything else.

Like the diamond without a ring, they think that's all they need.

But sticky tape is not the answer. There's no substitute for a proper ring, made for the job.

But there's also a couple of other products for the Silver Lotto System which will speed up your winning times considerably.

And a huge 86% of buyers buy them after their System purchase.

If you're happy with the basic System - you'll get tremendous value from it. You don't need to upgrade.

The basic System will boost you from zero winnings (that's what most people get without it) to sometimes over 98%. That's winning a prize in 9 out of 10 games.


And it also means you can spend as little as $10-12 a game and see big improvements in your winnings.

But you can also step up to the ring and get the LottoPredict subscription.

It's a great product for saving ticket money, because it tells you when to play - and when to stop and save your money.

Then you can add in more sparkle with PRO Custom Profiles.

These are made to fill in the 'no-go' weeks when LottoPredict tells you not to play.

That means you can keep playing right through the 'NO' weeks without stopping.

But if you're content with playing occasionally, stick with my Silver Lotto System.

Add the power products when you're ready to flash that diamond!