REVEALED: How Rich People Think Differently [8 WAYS]

Winners of a recent Euromillions game could buy all this if they wanted. Daily Mail

I added a bold statement to my System website recently.

Basically I said this: "I'm rich and don't need the money any more."

"I'm a little bored just driving my Bentley (there's a photo there of it too) round the bays. So I am going to devote my time getting other people rich."

Now, you may laugh and ask if I'm for real! Surely no-one is rich enough to stop.

But fact is - sometimes we have more than enough and now contentment is the object.

And my attitude is different now to when I was poor. The lottery is a vast pot of opportunity, and I have the secret ingredients. I've eaten enough.

Author Steve Siebold wrote a book on the rich, entitled "How Rich People Think." 

They think quite differently - some like me. And according to his theories, here's 8 ways that the rich and lottery winners are different to the rest:


1. Being rich makes them happy. While we all know that having money is not a guarantee of happiness, wealth does makes life easier and more enjoyable.

2. Winners can spend on themselves and not feel selfish. They don't have to give their money away to make themselves happy, or try and save the world. Siebold writes, "If you're not taking care of you, you're not in a position to help anyone else." If you're giving money away to a charitable cause, make sure you have enough to take care of the biggest charity around - you.

3. Winners dream of the future. Average people are limited by their day-to day-thinking and working for a wage. The rich think ahead and can turn their daydreams into reality, and it's especially true of lottery winners. That's because they have no boundaries and everything is new after the win.

4. Winners follow their passion. The average person usually has to work to stay ahead. Without that demand, winners are free to do anything they want. Most lottery winners follow their passion in hobbies or work.

5. Winners have high expectations. The rich have more to play with, so their life boundaries are raised and they can do what we only dreamed of. Flying into space is well within their budget now.

6. Winners live below their means. While the average guy is struggling to live from paycheck to paycheck, the winners can afford to spend more and still be ahead financially. They have a huge money buffer to protect them. They invest wisely so there is always a cashflow.

7. Winners take more risks. While average people play it safe with money, the rich know when to take risks. More money means there's less to go wrong.

8. Winners are healthier. It costs a lot of money to stay healthy, with the high costs of operations and special treatment. The wealthy can afford all of this and enjoy better health all the time.

Winning will make a massive difference to your life. You must do everything in your power you can to claim it so you can retire like me! And I'll help you. 

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