The Secret: How To Get Rich [Part 2]

I wrote yesterday about how I was going to help others get rich. Here's what I'm proposing.

Short and simple: Join my affiliate group.

Doesn't matter what you need money for, whether it's for just living, or buying more lottery tickets to improve your winning chances.

Everyone can do with more money. You may do as well as one of my affiliates who sold $80,000 of the Silver Lotto System in just over 2 weeks and collected $60,000 for himself.

Fact is, being an affiliate is the quickest way to success on the net. And selling my products are the quickest way to your own success.

There is no structured course because the concept is so easy: just set up a blog and write in it every day.

Doesn't even have to be about lotto - just something you're interested in. But lotto is best because then you attract people who are interested in my System.

It's obvious - if you're a dolphin, swim with other dolphins.


Then in each post put your affiliate link. When readers click on the link and buy, you get paid.

That side is all automatic. You don't have to do a thing. You get paid on time, the right amount each time.

What about the writing part?

First, you need an interest in writing. And you'd better be able to write moderately well. Because poor writing soon puts people off.

You'll know already whether you're good or not by the number of people who tell you.

What if you're not a good writer?

Well, you can put my articles in your blog, slightly altered. Just rewrite them a little. I'll tell you how.

And in between your articles, put some lottery results. Simple.

Here's a tip:

It's best if you specialize in one particular game. Make that game the subject of your blog.

For example, if you want a wide range of readers, choose the game that's widely played. Let's say it's the Florida Lotto.

Name your blog "" or ""

There are dozens of names like these that are still available. Just keep trying until you get one.

Now, it's not complicated. You don't have to worry about Search Engine Optimization, keywords or complex traffic-getting secrets.

All you need to do is get out here and simply start.

Then fine tune your blog as you go along with the information I give you each week.


What's the reward?

How about as much as $60 for every sale you make? It's actually a lot more because most people buy more than one product. A PRO profile could put $60 each time in your pocket.

And the ongoing Lotto Predict subscriptions mean you get a percentage of every renewal too. It all adds up fast.

And I do all the fulfilment work. It's my job to get the product to the buyer and answer all their questions.

Your job is to encourage your readers to click on your link.


What's the first step? First you gotta buy a Silver Lotto System and be part of my new membership site. That's where all the affiliate information is.

And you can't buy any of my products through your own affiliate link. That's a no-no and could get you banned.

Now, if you bought the System a long time back, buy it again. You're getting a whole lot more value from the Silver Lotto Membership Site this time round, and your membership is perpetual.

That means for the same amount you paid before, you'll always have unlimited access to a constantly improving member site.


I require all affiliates to have bought the System, because you need to know what you're selling. That's simply Sales 101... no-one can promote a product without knowing something about it, or have used it.

So there's your steps laid out for you: - buy the System so you can become an affiliate. - set up a blog and write daily with articles and lottery results.

It doesn't matter if you don't feel ready. You can start off looking rough round the edges, then get polished up as you gain experience.

Look at my earlier blog here - and see the difference between that and today's Lotto Life blog. Quite a change huh?

So get going. You could be starting this afternoon! Start here.