How Two Elderly Aunts Bought An Expensive Grand Piano, Painlessly

My change jar - actually a plastic box. 

I emptied out my change jar this morning, and took it down to the bank.

The bank has an automatic counting machine. After the noise stopped, my bank account was $37 better off.

While $37 doesn't seem much, getting it was completely painless.

I simply put all my small coins in there each time I emptied my pockets. And a few months later, there was the result... I had paid for a meal at a restaurant.

That's how lotto should be played too. A little bit at a time.

After a while it all adds up. And then one day you get a windfall that blows your mind.

But without the steady deposits, you'll get nowhere.

The best way I remember this working was from an example by my two elderly aunts.

When I was a boy, they were gentle, happy, unassuming sisters. They ran a music and ballet school from home and a community hall.

And in their large lounge room, they had a full size grand piano.

They told me one day how they saved for it. By putting half a crown (around 25 cents) in a jar every week for years.

Painless and easy.

That's how you get anything you want. And that is the biggest failing of players who don't win.

They expect to hit the big time within a week or so.

Some of us do. But mostly it takes a little patience and the constant moving along to see decent wins.

When someone writes me and asks why they didn't win in the first few weeks, I remind them of this tactic.

And if they can't be bothered following the process, I don't mind... all the more opportunity for the rest of us when they drop out!