Here's 5 Tips To Make This New Week A Winner

Would you be motivated with a $50 million win?

If you're reading this at the beginning of a new week, it's time to get motivated.

I'll help you along with LottoPredict. If you haven't signed up for your subscription, do that now.

In the meantime, here's 5 playing tips for you to get prepared for a winning week ahead...

1. Blatant sales message... buy and use my Silver Lotto System, the LottoPredict subscription and the PRO Custom Profiles. They are the 3 most powerful programs I have ever made, and I've looked at many others since I developed mine back in the early 90s. A true test of their power is that they've been producing winners for years and years!

2. Play more than just a few lines on a ticket. Don't let this put you off buying the Silver Lotto System because you think it needs a large investment in each game... you actually don't need as much as you think. It can be $10-20 a game - though more will always improve your position.

3. Go for games that offer smaller but more frequent wins. For example, if you have a choice between playing a 7 ball game with a multimillion dollar payout, or a 5 ball game with a 6-figure payout, take the 5 ball game each time. Do this whether you use my system or not... your odds are hugely improved. Let's be realistic, smaller prizes are far easier to win than the jackpot. LottoPredict has all the options for the best game to play when you join.

4. When you win smaller amounts, don't be tempted to put the wins back into a single game. This is what many failed winners do, and it always leads to a loss-making situation. Instead, keep a portion of your winnings to one side and feed it into each game on a regular basis. Spend the rest!

5. Many successful people delay gratification. That means they are willing to put off smaller, instant results now to get larger ones later on. For you, this means you should save up to play one game with more tickets. In other words, don't play $10 in each weekly game. Instead, save it and play $40 in one game each month.

While you're waiting, just take a couple of lines each week to keep your enthusiasm up. It could pay off in larger and more frequent wins.

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2. Add PRO Custom Profiles