What The Gloating Millionaire Revealed To Me Over The Phone

The auditorium was packed full. An air of expectation made the crowd buzz.

Nearly 2,000 people were here to listen to one of our country's top property millionaires reveal his secrets.

This was maybe 30 years ago, but the event is still sharp in my memory as today.

And I had been invited personally by him. No cost to me.

As I made my way into the seminar, the property investor was talking to someone in the foyer. I made my way up to him, and thanked him for the invitation.

I had saved over $400 just by being personally invited and I appreciated his offer.

Why was I picked? Well, a year or two earlier I had invited him to open my art gallery, and I guess he was sympathetic towards someone with a purpose.

And my purpose was to get stinkin' rich in real estate like him.


A couple of days later he rang me at the gallery. To boast.

Turns out this seminar racked in over $650,000 and was a world record for the highest return ever received from a one day seminar. And he was justifiably proud of his accomplishment.

And I was gobsmacked. It was more money generated than I had ever heard of in any one event. It was probably the equivalent of $2 million today.

And here came the dangerous part... I thought I could do the same.

So for years I struggled with small businesses, trying to emulate his success. One or two did well, most failed.

And after years of trying, I learned one thing.

The chances of getting rich from business is very unlikely for the average person.

And I'm very average.

When I realized it, that's when I developed my lottery formula and finally got the success I craved.

The problem with small businesses is that they need money like cars need gas to run.

And they are always running out, stranding you on the side of the commerce highway. Almost everyone runs out of cash sometime in business and can't get a refill.

That's when the business goes bust.


The lottery is a bigger gamble, but because the ROI is enormous - unlike business - anyone can afford to play the game.

ROI means Return On Investment. The ROI of spending $20 a week to get $500 million in Powerball is so far off the planet that it is unmeasurable. It is unique.

So instead of putting tens of thousands of dollars into businesses with a high risk of it crashing, you put in far less into a lottery game.

The risk is low, the chances of success are slight, but the return is vast.

However, unlike a business, you don't spend your whole life working at it.

The 24/7/365 work is a real killer.

I can remember often spending 2 days without sleep as I produced my weekly community newspaper... then missing the bus that took it to the printers, and having to drive 4 hours to deliver it in time.

Those early years were a constant daily drudge with a hard deadline at the end of each week. I got used to it, but it ruined my social life and I was often away from my family.


And I was always poor. The newspaper income was always enough to pay staff and overheads, but there was never enough left over for me.

I failed in real estate too, for different reasons.

The moral of this story is not to let greed blind you to the real ways to gather money. The secret is to take a little risk and make sure the rewards are huge.

And no other kind of deal can get any better than the lottery.

Will it take a lifetime? No.

You can reduce the TIME it takes to acquire your wins.

For that I developed LottoPredict, a low-cost prediction service.

Along with the PRO Custom Profiles, it will ramp up your winning times enormously.


I strongly urge you to take a look at LottoPredict and add it to your Silver Lotto System.

It will be the best ROI you'll ever get!

Sure, if you're fine with just the Silver Lotto System - that's all you need to get 98% win rates like me.

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I can still hear the property investor's words ringing in my ears, when he said to me one time, "I've been rich for a long time."

And I smile to myself. I know there's a cheaper way to achieve it.