Look: A Pretty Profit Pile Is Sitting Right Under Your Nose!

While you're waiting for a Big Win, why not try something that will give you some spare money for more tickets?

I'm talking about being an affiliate for my Silver Lotto System.

Like the guy who sold over $80,000 of my System in just over two weeks...

And took home $60,000 in his pocket!

How's that for a lump of cash! It's two year's wages for many people - in 2 weeks!

Now, a word of warning... it ain't easy to get into my reseller's world.

Because I don't want just any one.

For example, to qualify you need to have bought one of my products.


Because you need to know what you're talking about. Knowledge is power.


And the best resellers are the ones who know what they're talking about.

I do it this way: the Lotto Affiliate Center is locked up to outsiders, and is only available to buyers through the Silver Lotto Membership Site.

So you need to buy the System to get a foot in the door.

But once you're inside, a whole new world opens up and I make everything as easy as I can for you.

That $80k guy? I show you the EXACT email he sent to get his windfall.

There's articles about getting sales.

And articles on what to avoid.

And pre-written emails and banners for you to take and use.

And about twice a week I send you exclusive tips and instructions on how to start and improve your affiliate sales.

A lot of it is easy-to-do stuff... 1-2-3 step instructions.


All you have to do is put some time in. A couple hours a week will get you to a basic level of selling.

When I talk about 'selling,' there's really no selling to do. You just have to get the word out.

No knocking on doors, fast talking your way round the 'hood. None of that.

I show you lots of other ways to get results without any face to face.

And if you want to ramp things up a little faster, you can try paid ads.

About $30-$50 will get you a solo ad going and a good start into this field.


Mike Geary, a fitness guru, uses paid media lists like this and he's making over $20 million a year with ClickBank.

So it can be done.

Here's a good blog with the results of solo ad experiments that you can try for very little cost: http://www.soloaddirectory.com/blog.

Ready to go? If you're already in the Silver Lotto Membership Site ( silverlotto.com), then click on the AFFILIATE tab and take a look.

If not, then you know what to do! Go here: silverlotto.com