EXPOSED At Last: My Extraordinary 98% Win Claim

According to my rules, 98 people in this line of 100 players should win a lottery prize!

People new to my System find it hard to believe I can get a 98% win rate.

Sometimes I wonder if putting up that extraordinary - maybe even unbelievable statement on the website is shooting myself in the foot.

However, here's why it's still there...

A few years ago, after collecting yet another win from my lottery shop, the owner said to me, "You never go away empty handed, do you!"

She remarked that I always seemed to get wins each time I visited, no matter what the numbers were.


And so I started thinking about why I had never used that fact to promote my System. The main reason of course was that a claim like this is easy to make and qualify, but hard to believe.

Why am I one of the few who get this high percentage when other struggle to get a win a month?

I thought I'd explain where they are going wrong. There are two factors here...

First, I play using my own rules. Most others players don't.

I know this because in my NumberCheck service for my System owners I'm seeing evidence of almost all of the players playing wrong.

Their most common strategy is to play two games a week using less than 20 tickets.

That goes against my System Rules in every way.


For example, the correct way to play in this cases is once a week with 40 tickets. Same price, but more opportunity for a high win rate because they're using the System correctly.

The rule to follow is simply this: "Play the lowest number game with as many tickets as you can afford."

Until these players follow my instructions, they are unlikely to get anywhere. And yes, they'll blame my System for their lack of wins (as well as a multitude of other things!)

And second, I have some advantages with our local game that only a few other games possess:

- Our game has 6 balls and 40 numbers. This is top of the list for the best odds available. There are some 5 ball games round the world, but usually the jackpot and secondary prizes are too low to make these worthwhile. The 6 ball games are the best compromise between odds and jackpot totals.

- I play a high proportion of ticket lines, often between 40-100. I can afford to do this because our lines are still only 60c each. Most other lottery games around the world are $1 or $2 a ticket. So my game entrance fee is pretty low to start with.


In summary, there's no way to break the laws of chance... a smaller combination of numbers will always give better win results.

This is why I advise through the years if you have the choice of two games, always select the one with the lowest number of balls and numbers.

But don't worry if your game doesn't match up to my ideal. Use the PRO custom profiles for your high odd games - that's what it is designed for.

The LottoPredict subscription (shown here) shows games as a star score. The higher the number of stars, the better the game is to play. You can always refer to that when you are first selecting your game.

Ready to join me in a 98% win rate?


How To Start Winning:
Buy the Silver Lotto System - your first step.
2. Buy the Lotto-80 and LottoPredict to know when to play.
3. Get the PRO Custom Profiles to help you get the highest odds from every game.

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