My Shock Lottery Play Discovery Could Be Your Win Advantage!

This $448 million Powerball jackpot gave each of these 16 players only $5.3 million each.

The last ball rolls down the tube and you look at your ticket in amazement.

You're now richer than that snotty kid who built a social networking empire.

Richer than that CEO with the multi-million dollar payout.

Better off than practically everyone in your country.

Until you hear the news an hour later.

"Twenty winners shared today's massive lottery jackpot..." the announcer said, before you turned off the tv in disgust.


That's the reality of a large jackpot. The chance of sharing your prize is always a factor because player numbers always increase during high jackpot rollovers.

One USA Powerball jackpot of $448 million was shared between 3 winners - and one of those winners was a 16-player group.

The jackpot doesn't look nearly as appealing now for a single person there with only $5.3 million.

So should you ignore the big jackpots?

No. The chances are still in your favor of taking home at least part of the prize, even if it isn't as much as you hoped.

As the wise man once said... 50% of something is always better than 50% of nothing.


There's something else that has just happened though, which gave me a real shock.

Here's how it ran...

I coach my Silverites into getting better results, and I've recognised a surprising pattern.

Which is both good news and bad news for you.

I do bad news first, so here's that part I discovered...


According to the results, more than 90% are playing wrong.

That's right - only 1 out of every 10 players are playing according to the System instructions. And wondering why they're not getting results.

Well, now I can tell them.

This has been a revelation for me, because I assumed that everyone could see the real advantage of playing correctly and sticking to a winning System.

But they haven't followed the rules. Most play too frequently with too few tickets.

Could be lack of funds, timidity or inconvenience that's stopped them playing correctly... but whatever the reason, a large number of these players are missing out in a big way.


Now the good news...

These players won't be taking away your share of the prize anytime soon!

If you play correctly, you'll be far ahead of the others who are not playing the System as it should be used. In fact, I don't think you've got much competition at all.

It's the answer to the age-old question... what happens if everyone buys the System? You now have the solution... very few play properly and will not share your wins.

I've just completed the LottoPredict predictions, and the week lies ahead.

What are you doing in the next few days to gain a rich future?

Are you playing correctly?

Have you bought the LottoPredict subscription?

Are you also using the advantages that the PRO custom profiles give you?

Are you making the most of every opportunity to win? You'll probably only get one chance in a lifetime to hit the bigtime. Don't mess it up!


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