Grab This Treasure Map For Lottery Success

He started explaining: "OK, take the second road on the right past the farm, then come up to the corner where the bright yellow house is..."

And I stopped him there.

"Don't bother with the details," I interrupted gently. "I've got a GPS that tells me where you are. Just give me your address."

It was so simple. A couple of clicks and the built-in navigator in my Mercedes took me right to the door.

Back in the old days, people played the lottery the same way - without a map.

And as a result they didn't know how to get the winning numbers. They took the wrong numbers, travelled at the wrong speeds, got utterly lost and wasted their money.

So I developed a treasure map - and called it the Silver Lotto System.


But getting there with the Silver Lotto System is only part of the problem solved.

To win faster and stop wasting ticket money, you need a schedule. Otherwise it would be like arriving at the correct address, but finding no-one home because you got the date wrong.

That's why a few years back I invented LottoPredict (previously known as Lotto-80).

It's the only lottery program in the world that tells you whether you are playing your game on the right day.

Here's how you use it...

Let's say you're keen to win more frequently. Because this week your game's jackpot is rolling over, and you really could use the $100 million it offers.

The problem is - LottoPredict shows a red square for your game... that usually means you don't play that day and save your money.

What if you DO want to play?

Then you buy PRO Custom Profiles.

So when LottoPredict gives you a red no-go, you have options to play from the PRO custom profiles... and now you're able to play each game.


The 3 parts of the Silver Lotto System... the basic set up, the LottoPredict and the PRO Custom Profiles... all work together.

And this powerful combination lets you play frequently with higher win chances.

The best thing about this clever blend is that it takes no more than a couple of seconds to use once you've done the setup.

Just look for the PRO number for your game, then play the tickets that match it.

Just like the GPS instructions, it couldn't be simpler.


How To Start Winning:
Buy the Silver Lotto System - your first step.
2. Buy the Lotto-80 and LottoPredict to know when to play.
3. Get the PRO Custom Profiles to help you get the highest odds from every game.

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