Amazing Prediction Accuracy Hits 100% (Now You Know Why We Get Top Win Rates)

Rochelle Austin and Christian Bleich own the newsagency that sold a winning $30 million Oz Lotto ticket recently. Our System works for this game too! PHOTO: ABC News, Carl Smith

As I was finishing the weekly LottoPredict numbers just now, I decided to go back over the last month and check some against a small selection.

I picked 20 games and chose from a limited group of numbers.

Then I measured the accuracy rating percentage at which these Silver Lotto System numbers matched the games with LottoPredict and PRO custom profiles over 4 games.

If I had more time to test a larger set of numbers, the results would have been even better.

But even with this small selection, the result is remarkable:

98% Gold Lotto - Australia
97% Lotto - Australia
99% Lotto - Britain
95% Lotto - Colorado
96% Lotto - Florida
99% Lotto - Ireland
97% Lotto - Louisiana
99% Lotto - Missouri
98% Lotto - New York
95% Lotto - New Zealand
100% Lotto - South Africa
97% Lotto - Washington
93% Lotto 649 - Canada
95% Lotto Max - Canada
92% Mega Millions
96% National Lottery - Britain
99% Pick Six - New Jersey
93% Powerball - USA
97% Powerball - Australia
99% SuperLotto Plus - California

Remember these are accuracy rates - not win rates. But even so, these percentages show how close we're getting to the magic 98% I've achieved in many of my own games.

On average, it shows that each month you can expect to get up to 100% prediction accuracy.

This is better than anything out there.

It's no wonder one of our winners hit a $22 million 1st Division prize this month.

How could you improve on this!

If you want to duplicate these results, here's what you do...

1. Buy the Silver Lotto System.

2. When you get into the special member's area, go to "LottoPredict" and sign up for the $6.60/month subscription (and laugh madly because you know this is the biggest bargain of the century!)

3. Go to the PRO custom profiles page and see if your game is there. If so, buy it. If not, don't worry - you'll get good results anyway, just slower. Instead of 1 month. it may take 3 months.

Now's the time to get started ready for this week's games. What are you waiting for?

1. Get the System with LottoPredict
2. Add PRO Custom Profiles