$22.23 MILLION: Biggest Win In Silver Lotto System History!



The biggest jackpot in the Silver Lotto System's 22-year history was won on Tuesday.

A Brisbane man won over $22.23 million in the Oz Lotto using my System's numbers.

The email he sent us is displayed at the website now: silverlotto.com.

As part of the extensive authenticating checks we do for winners, he responded an hour ago to our email explaining more:

Hi Ken,

Yes, I have the winning ticket, my son bought it for me for Father’s day along with some scratchies and sent it in a card, I emailed him my numbers about a fortnight ago. He lives in WA and purchased the ticket there.

Can hardly contain myself.

(Name withheld)

Congratulations JN! We all wish you the best in the next step of your exciting journey.


Stay tuned as we discover more about this win which is the Western Australia state's third biggest prize ever.

And take advantage of our winner's good luck - it could rub off!

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