Does Living Like Scrooge Improve Your Lottery Winning Chances?

To win the lottery like Robert Piluso (r) with his Canada Lotto Max win means changing how you think.

I don't write often about living cheap so you can buy more lotto tickets - for a very important reason.

It doesn't work.

Instead, I talk about extravagant living, luxurious items and a freedom lifestyle. Some people might find that crazy.

Did I really spend $10,000 on a watch? Yes, I follow my own advice and think rich.

My watch collection in 2012.

In fact, it's very necessary for our development as lottery players to have a luxury mindset.

Before you tell me I've gone off the deep end, let me explain a little more.


Most people without money have a 'poor' mentality. They place restrictions on themselves, and that's why they're always looking for bargains.

I never do that. To me, a bargain or sale shows that the item isn't worth much. (That doesn't apply to my own sale right now for the PRO custom profiles - you get that by being a loyal Silverite! Quite different).

No, I'm talking about sales of clothing, trips, stuff. When you travel on cheap flights, you rub shoulders with other cheap people. When you buy bargain clothes, you look cheap too.

And because you're cheap, the difference between your old life and the new lottery style can be too disrupting.

And many lottery winners fail to live as they are meant to.

Living cheap gets you nowhere in playing the lottery.

Being cheap means you're likely to spend less on your lottery tickets. And that is a steep spiral into loss.


You need to spend more than the minimum to get results.

Sure you can spend the $10-12 a game as I mention on our website. But really it puts you further back into the 'luck and chance' sections of winning the lottery.

And you don't want to be there. You want a prize like the $22 Million jackpot Silverite winner, or the millions that some of our other players have gotten. Not just a $36 ticket for your trouble.

Life is not meant to be lived cheaply. You won't improve your lottery chances by living this way.

Think about it.


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