What I Figured Out About My Expensive Cars This Afternoon

Will my Bentley stay or go?

This afternoon I went over the depreciation costs of the cars I own.

That's the amount of money I lose even when they're just sitting there, going nowhere.

The costs were horrific - hundreds of dollars a week it is costing me to keep them.

Then I looked at the cars and asked myself what enjoyment I get from them, and whether they were worth the price I would pay over the next few years.

The answer was yes, but I should keep one and sell one. I was very clear in what I had to do.

However you shouldn't do the same when you cost out your lottery tickets.

Look at this Silver Lotto winner, who won $22.23 million in the Oz Lotto using my System.


The player bought my System in December, and used it for only 7 months before this major win.

In that time he might have played 3 times a month with an average of $30 per time.

In total he might have outlaid around $600. He also won some prizes, about $400, leaving $200 in costs.

If you were to match that $200 outlay against the massive win, it would not compute.

The millions of dollars in return for that small investment - you can't calculate it.


This makes lottery play harder to evaluate than almost anything else, including keeping cars.

Yet, when the wins come in, I guarantee you never regret spending that play money.

You should think of the lottery as a giant opportunity that will never come again. While there are players who win several times, it's rare... the life changing main prize comes round only once.

You really can't balance that massive win up against the tiny amount you spend to get it.

Our $22 million winner is very happy he put his investment into the lottery. Think on it.