Jackpot Fever: How It Ruins Your Game And 2 Ways To Cure It

This $448 million Powerball jackpot was shared between 16 players.

When you look at the large prizes won by Silver Lotto players... from our $22.2 million winner to several other million dollar prizes... there's one thing that stands out.

I call it Jackpot Fever, because it makes you unable to think straight.

What is it?

Being attracted to large prizes.

The downside? Sharing the prize with others.

For example, the $22 million winner kept his prize intact, but a couple of Silver Lotto multi-million dollar jackpot winners had to share theirs. One shared with 9 others.

I can increase the rate at which you win the lottery, but sharing the prize is one problem that's harder to control. 

Every other winner in your game's division reduces the total prize amount you get. In the photo above, each of the 16 winners received only $3.8 million after taxes for a $448 million jackpot.

That's quite a drop.

In the example below, a 1st Division jackpot in our local game was shared by 6 winners. That brought the total $1 million prize down to only $166,667 each.

So what's the solution?

There are two ways you can get around it:


1. Play on less popular days.

Many lotteries play several games a week. Usually one of these games is less popular than the others for a variety of reasons.

- The main prize amount will attract fewer players if the prize amount is low.

- The weather may alter popularity of the game. Bad weather keeps players from traveling to the lotto store.

- A competing multi-state game with greater prizes will reduce the appeal of local games. For example, in the USA, a large Powerball jackpot will take attention away from other smaller prize games around the country.

How do you find these less popular days for your game? The best way is at the local level. Visit several lotto stores in your area, buy a ticket or two from them, and ask what their most popular days are.

After a few visits you'll pick up on what days are the most or least popular.

Then play the game on the least popular days.

While this strategy is not a guarantee of reducing the number of sharing winners, when you put it together with the other strategies I recommend, it will help.


2. Use PRO Custom Profiles.

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Your win rate will stay the same - I get up to 98% ... but the number of times you win will increase. If you play frequently, the chances of winning more is greater.

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Go PRO and watch your Jackpot Fever reduce!


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