Could You Get A Heart Attack From Winning The Lottery?

Could this $190 million Mega Millions win have given Jim McCullar some medical worry? (He's OK). Photo: Ted S. Warren, AP

Stress can cause a heart attack, but what many people don't know is that good news is also stress related and can also cause a problem.

So we wondered - has anyone suffered a heart attack from the excitement of a lottery win? And could you experience that problem?

The good news is that we couldn’t find one example anywhere.

There were a couple of close misses ... in 2009 it was reported that $10 million lottery winner Donald Peters died of a heart attack.

But when we poked around further we discovered that he passed away soon after buying the tickets. His family didn’t find the winning ticket until a couple of months later.

Another £9 million British winner also died of a heart attack, but the story showed it was caused by money worries some years later.

There are many other similar reports, but some quick research soon turns up the fact that the headlines were often misleading and any heart attack was unrelated to a win.

So don't worry about your next win affecting your health - it can only do you good!


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