Newspaper Mystic Correctly Picks Tearful Lottery Game Winner And Proves Us Wrong

Joanne couldn't believe her eyes when The Sun newspaper's psychic predicted her win. Photo: The Sun

It's the stuff of wacky headlines we all love to discredit: "Why Can't Psychics Predict The Lottery?"

Well now it seems they can. The resident  celebrity psychic from Britain's Sun newspaper correctly predicted that a local reader would win a prize.

Joanne Russell was broke, and thought she had said farewell to the £10 (about US$16) she used to play lotto.

But when she read in the Sun that their Mystic Meg predicted for her sign: “The Moon, which is in your prize chart, adds luck to lottery tickets," she decided to place her tickets in a second chance draw in the newspaper.

And to her delight she won £20,000 (about US$33,000).

Joanne says: “On Monday, I saw in The Sun that Joanne of Leeds had won £20,000.

“I knew it was me. I burst into tears of joy.”