Why Do These Lottery Check Presentation Photos Look Like Prison Mug Shots?


From a quick glance at the photos above it's hard to tell whether lottery winner Roma or celebrity Kimora Lee Simmons are facing jail time. (Actually it was Kimora, right, who was arrested in 2004 for failing to pull over).

Every lottery winner forced to appear in a publicity photo holding a giant check reminds us of a prison mug shot. So why can't the lottery people make this photo opportunity look more appealing?

Our suggestion: Photograph the winners with the check behind them. While this doesn't give ownership, it's probably a more flattering look.

And an added advantage - then we won't also see the dull or cheesy backgrounds behind winners... often corporate office looks, or wrinkly logo-covered curtains.

The winner has moved away from the check, but the lighting of this scene still looks a little prison-like.


Here an effort has been made to pretty up the background with a field.

mugshot-2 (1).jpg

Original move, but still doesn't quite cut it - the information is obscured.


Probably the best idea - holding the check up in a victory move!