Officials Use Lotto Store Surveillance Footage To Shock Married Mother Of Two

Kathryn Jones with officials on Tuesday. She was shocked to learn how they tracked her down for this interview.

A mother-of-two from Canada was stunned when lottery officials knocked on her door last Tuesday and informed her she had won $50 Million in Canadian dollars (US$47 million).

Because Kathryn Jones, a 55-year-old married engineer, had bought the ticket in Cambridge, Ontario last year - then lost it. For most Silverites, that would be the end of it.

When she heard about the unclaimed ticket through newscasts, she thought nothing more of it until she was confronted with the astounding news on her doorstep.

The Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation men revealed her win after she demanded they show their ID.

With detective strategies that some observers said were smarter than the NSA, they had used her credit card records and instore CCTV footage to trace Mrs Jones to her home address.

“There was no reason they needed to do this, but they did, and I'm very appreciative," she said at her press conference (above).

The drugstore where Kathryn Jones bought her tickets.

In an unusual twist, the investigation took an ominous turn when she told the officials that her sister owns a shop selling lottery tickets. This sparked a review by the Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario.

But it ended well, though Kathy Jones still has no idea where her winning ticket is.

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