The One Factor That Makes You Choose One Lottery Over Another - And It's Not Ticket Prices


John Boers and twin brother Steven have been playing the same set of numbers for five years. He always plays the California SuperLotto Plus.

After years of falling ticket sales, the recovery by the California Lottery is amazing.

A massive boost in ticket sales since 2013 has also benefited the California public education sector, for which the lottery was originally set up.

So what has attracted players back to the SuperLotto Plus in such a spectacular fashion?

And what is the single attraction that makes players select one game over many others?


The Ardalans won $33 Million in the California SuperLotto Plus, not even worrying that they had to stand in front of a crinkled backdrop and empty chair for a photo.

The answer was discovered when in 2010 the California Lottery increased their prize amounts.

The bigger prize amounts attracted more players and sales soared.

Players saw the prize value jump almost 60%, and they approved with their wallets. The California SuperLotto Plus bounced back in a big way, bringing increased revenue to schools and pouring money into bigger lottery prizes.

But is every high-prize game worth playing?

Unfortunately not. My LottoPredict chart gives the SuperLotto Plus only a 1-star odds rating out of three stars, but the bad news is that there are no better alternatives for California players.

The other big games in California... the Mega Millions and USA Powerball ... are also 1-star rated by LottoPredict.

So my advice - if you absolutely must play a high-value, high stake game, choose one of these three games with the highest jackpot amount. It's not much of a choice, but any selection is better than none.

This selection principle also applies in any country in the world. Go for the large prizes by all means, but remember that the odds are higher and the chances of winning are reduced with 1-star games. Play a 3-star game where you can.

I was a
non believer until i looked through all your material, it took weeks you have written a lot! Anyway, I think i have found out how it works so I bought some tickets last week and it got me $37,000!!!! Thats not much according to some of youre winners, but to me its a years work and very welcome too. Thanks a million!