True Confessions Of A Lottery System Owner

The internet is getting bigger every minute. Everyone is trying to sell you something, and there are danger warnings everywhere about everything.

It's got that you don't know what virus might suck your bank account dry, or who you can trust.

So when you saw my Silver Lotto System website for the first time, this what you probably thought...

“Flashy site, looks like a scam.”

"Does Ken REALLY own those fancy cars in the photos, or are they borrowed from the dealership?”

“There’s a lot of testimonials there - too many, he’s made them up."

“Well, I'll do the Millionaire Test. But I'll give a false email address - I don't want more any spam!”

"Maybe I'll buy his System and try it... hey, I can always ask for my money back."

And then came this...

"Didn't do so well with my $1 play this game. Guess it didn't work after all.”

Is this you? I don't blame you being a little bit suspicious. So here's some answers to your worries, to help you feel good about dealing with me:

- You wondered if I really owned all the cars on my website. Sure do. I'm a big sports car fan. But I've had many luxury SUV's like Range Rover and Lexus as well that haven’t appeared on the site. Am I for real? Just ask my friends at the dealerships :)

My 2012 Bentley Continental GT. I took this photo at our city's old museum. More pics here.

- You gave a false email address you use for spam to protect yourself. Don't worry, nobody will spam you here. Apart from the fact that it's illegal to do so without your permission, I never give out your address to anyone. And there's always the opt-out link at the bottom of every email. It's required by law in many countries. But I try and make my newsletters interesting with true stories about me and the lotto life so you never want to leave. There's a lot of value in the thousands of articles I've written so far.

- You played $1 a game once, as a test for the Silver Lotto System, and it didn't work. No system on the planet will work by spending that little amount for tickets. I believe you need to spend at least $10 a game for some success, and preferably double that. If you don't have at least that to spare each game, don't buy my System.

- You believed the testimonials were all made up. They're all genuine. In fact, one of the million-dollar winners is a friend of mine. He would be real upset if I misquoted him. Some people just like their privacy, like the $22.2 million winner who politely declined when I asked him for a copy of his tickets. But he told me his life is a blast right now - he’s enjoying everything.

Now that you’re happy with my answers, all you have to do is get started. It’s a week into the new year, and if you're tired of doing the same thing this year as the last, then change now.

There's so much to be thankful for this coming year. Make the decision to change. Don't overthink. Just do it. Make this year your own success!

No more excuses!