How Did This Woman Win Money Without Playing Any Lottery Numbers?


With her half share of a $50,000 commission, MotoMart manager Denise bought a bassoon for her husband, a retired member of the Air Force Band. Photo: Edie Bresler

It's a little-known fact. Many USA stores which sell a winning lotto ticket receive a commission from the lottery organization, sometimes amounting to tens of thousands of dollars.

In the excitement of the draw, the winners get publicity, but what is rarely reported is what happens to the owners of the stores who sell the winning tickets.


So Boston-based photographer Edie Bresler (above) took on this subject in her project "We Sold A Winner" which shows pictures of stores that have sold winning tickets. You can see more of Bresler's work on her website here.

Amar is the owner and proprietor of Neighbourhood Market in Somerville, MA. In 2002 he sold a winning $1 million ticket. With the $10,000 commission he made a down payment on a house in his neighbourhood.

PHOTO: Edie Bresler

Hundreds of millions of dollars in lottery winnings and unclaimed each year. Winners have between 180 days and one year to claim their prize. This Playland Market store sold a Powerball ticket that was unclaimed, and in August 26, 2013, it expired. The owner of this store in Rye, New York, posted a handwritten sign asking customers to look for the unclaimed Powerball ticket worth $1,000,000.

PHOTO: Edie Bresler

A regular customer who stops by this grocery store daily won $338 million in a Powerball jackpot on March 2013. The owner of this Eagle Liquors store received a $10,000 bonus commission.

PHOTO: Edie Bresler

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